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Hexapodium: Identifying and Addressing Invasive Forest Pest Pathways [10.22 ]
Ecology Forum: Trends of Agriculture in Bangladesh and Prospects of Insect Industry [08.07 ]
Hexapodium: The symbiosis of beetles, fungi and bacteria: high-throughput analyses of a... [05.22 ]
Hexapodium: Rock and roll: hydrocarbons and allergens in cockroaches, and endosymbionts... [05.08 ]
BingZhi Forum: Regulatory Pathways Controlling Mosquito Reproduction [10.15 ]
Hexapodium: New Era in Insect Toxicogenomics——The weapons of insects to cope with the... [09.12 ]
Hexapodium: piRNA as a trans regulator for poly (A) site recognition and alternative po... [07.17 ]
Hexapodium: Overview of Entomology and Virology research at Plant Research International [07.11 ]
Ecology Forum: A Rodent Model For Social Neuroscience [07.11 ]
jz20131014.jpg Linking climate change to population cycles of ...
The 10-year population cycles of snowshoe hares and Canada lynx are the classic example of race between prey and predator in the ecological textbooks. By the use of historic fur harvest data, we find predati...
Further research published on New Phytologist found ... [2013.09.29]
A recent research concerning the effect of elevated ... [2013.08.27]
Enhanced sensitivity to higher ozone in a pathogen-r... [2011.11.28]
The State Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management was created in March 1991 with from the World Bank and loan the Chinese Academy ...
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