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    Research Progress
    Ambient temperature affects maternal investment strategies in lactating Brand...| 2010-05-07
    The maximum rate of sustained energy intake (SusEI) may limit reproductive effort, thermoregulatory capability and other aspects of an animal’s energy expenditure. Consequently, factors that limit SusEI are of interest. The ‘heat dissipation limitation hypothesis’ suggests that maximum SusEI during lactation is limited by the capacity to dissipate body heat generated as a byproduct of proces...more
    Elevated CO2 changes the interactions between nematode and tomato genotypes d...| 2010-04-22
    Atmospheric CO2 level is increasing rapidly and is expected to double in the next century. Most studies addressing how plant-herbivore interactions are affected by elevated CO2 have focused on aboveground herbivory. Few studies, however, have considered how CO2 affects interactions between plants and belowground herbivores. The current study examined how three isogenic tomato genotypes that dif...more
    Development of a whole-cell biocatalyst for detoxification of a mixture of or...| 2010-04-14
    Synthetic organophosphates (OPs) are widely used to control agricultural pests and account for ~38% of the total pesticides used globally. In the United States alone, over 40 million kilograms of OP pesticides are consumed annually. OPs are acute neurotoxins by virtue of their potent inhibition of acetylcholinesterase (AChE). OP pesticides are mostly liposoluble and pose a hazard to humans thro...more
    Elevated CO2 reduces the response of grain aphid to alarm pheromone| 2010-03-22
    The aphid alarm pheromone (E)-β-farnesene (EβF), an altruistic chemical signal, is released by attacked aphids to protect other aphids from natural enemies,resulting in various behavioral reactions, such as increased alertness, non-feeding, and moving away from or dropping off the host plant. more
    Leptin plays important role during cold adaptation in Brandt’s voles| 2010-02-25
    Brandt’s voles Lasiopodomys brandtii exhibit large increases in nonshivering thermogenesis to cope with chronic cold exposure, resulting in compensatory hyperphagia and fat mobilization. These physiological events are accompanied by a remarkable reduction in serum leptin levels. However, the role of hypoleptinemia in cold adaptation in this species is still unknown. In the present study, we te...more
    Frequency-dependent selection by tree squirrels: adaptive escape of nondorman...| 2009-12-03
    In principal, frequency-dependent selection is one of the most powerful selective forces linking demographic and evolutionary changes, but little is known how such frequency-dependent selection influences predator-prey dynamics in nature. In this study, we used the oak-squirrel system to test the hypothesis that tree squirrels as seed predators/dispersers utilize white oak acorns based on the r...more
    Unexpected relationships of substructured populations in Chinese Locusta migr...| 2009-09-07
    The migratory locust Locusta migratoria is an infamous pest insect with exceptional migratory ability – with dispersal documented over a thousand kilometers. Its distributional area is greater than that of any other locust or grasshopper, occurring in practically all the temperate and tropical regions of the eastern hemisphere. Consequently, minimal population substructuring is expected. Howev...more
    Difference in the inhibition of phospholipases is related to species suscepti...| 2009-08-28
    Organophosphate (OP)-induced delayed neurotoxicity (OPIDN) is an axonopathy which is characterized by distal degeneration of some long and large-diameter axons in the peripheral nerves. In sensitive species, OPIDN is initiated when neuropathy target esterase (NTE) is inhibited and aged. A species specific susceptibility to OPIDN has been demonstrated.Adult hens have been widely used as the anim...more
    First record on acorn-embryo removal behavior by Pallas's squirrels (Callosci...| 2009-08-24
    Many hoarding animals such as tree squirrels rely on plant seeds (e.g. acorn masting from oaks) as food reserves for their survival and reproductive success. As important defensive strategies, germination schedule and tannins in acorns could largely influence feeding and hoarding preferences of hoarding animals. However, it is poorly understood how hoarding animals utilize acorns as long-term f...more
    NMR-based metabonomic evaluation of subchronic exposure to chlorpyrifos and c...| 2009-08-17
    Widely application of chlorpyrifos (CPF) and carbaryl (CAR) in agricultural and domestic settings is a serious threat to human health.Health risks caused by environmental polution are usually the outcome of chronic, low-dose and long-term exposure. It is generally not possible to deduce the combined toxicity of pesticides from traditional acute toxicity test. 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)...more
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