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  Dr. Zhu received his Ph.D. degree in Department of Biotechnology of Wuhan University, China, and then went to work in Prof. Jan Tytgat’s Laboratory of Toxicology, Leuven University, Belgium, as a postdoctoral fellow. He came back to China in 2004 as a scholar of ‘Bairen plan’ of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is the principle investigator of the Group of Peptide Biology and Evolution, and a peptide expert who enjoys the special subsidy of the State Council. Dr. Zhu is a recipient of several major research funds in China. He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers in Nat Commun, MBE, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, Mol Cell Proteomics, FASEB J, Trends Microbiol, Cell Mol Life Sci, etc. ....
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