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    Hexapod Forum



    Dr. Aaron Weinberg

    Oral antimicrobial peptides: a new frontier in host defense

    Dr. Denis Tagu

    Gene regulation in aphid phenotypic plasticity

    Dr. Francie Chew

    Native North American Pieris butterfly adapts to a novel host plant

    Dr. Joop van Loon

    Insect-plant interactions extended: the mechanisms and effects of sequential herbivore attack in insect communities on Brassica plants

    Dr. Marvin Harris

    Insect / plant interaction (Emphasizing Carya)

    Introductory writing in entomological science using the scientific method

    Dr. Owain Edwards

    Predicting the aphid salivary secretome:  A combined transcriptomics and proteomics approach

    Dr. Qi-Li Feng

    Molecular mechanism of expression regulation of a pupa-specific cuticle protein gene in Bombyx mori

    Dr. Sarjeet S. Gill

    Bacillus thuringiensis toxins: mechanism of action in leps and mosquitoes

    Dr. Susan Fuller

    Molecular systematics and phylogeography Mosaic-tailed rats (Melomys spp) (Rodentia: Muridae) in Australia

    Dr. Yun Tao

    Genomic conflicts and speciation

    Dr. Yu-Tong Qiu

    Sensory physiology of the Malaria Mosquito, Anopheles gambiae

    Prof. Paolo Pelosi

    Odorant-Binding Proteins in aphids and locusts

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