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    Principal Investigators
    ► Molecular biology and evolutionary ecology

    Group of Eco-genomics and Adaptation  

    Group of Molecular Ecology and Evolution

    Professor and Dr.Le Kang
    Research Interests: Cold Hardiness, Insect-plant relationship and behavior, Ecogenomics

    Professor and Dr.De-Xing Zhang
    Research Interests: Phylogeography Over China, Population Genetic Approach of Pest Insects, Molecular Evolution and Methodology for Polymorphism Detection


    Group of Behavioral Genetics

    Professor and Dr.Chuan Zhou

    Professor and Dr. Xian-hui Wang

    ► Environmental stress and ecological adaptation

    Group of Animal Physiological Ecology

    Group of Peptide Biology and Evolution

    Professor and Dr. De-Hua Wang
    Research Interests: Energetics, thermogenesis and thermoregulation; Energy balance and body weight regulation; Behavior and physiology

    Professor and Dr. Shun-Yi Zhu 
    Research Interests: Discovery and Functional Characterization of Innate Immunity-Related Genes, and Eluciadation of Signal Pathways Regulating These Genes

    Group of Cell Motility and Muscle Contraction

    Group of Insect Immunity and Devolopment

    Professor and Dr. Xiang-Dong Li
     Research Interests: Cell Motility and Muscle Contraction

    Professor and Dr. Zhen Zou  
    Research Interests: Invertebrate immune response, Hormone regulated mosquito reproduction

    ► Chemical communication and relationship between pest and its host plants

    Group of Insect Behavioral Physiology and Biochemistry

    Group of Chemical Ecology of Forest Insects

    Group of Animal Behavior and Chemical Communication

    Professor and Dr. Chen-Zhu Wang
    Research Interests: Insect-Plant Interactions; Insect Chemical Communication

    Professor and Dr. Jiang-Hua Sun  
    Research Interests: Checmical Ecology, Invasive Species, Forest Health, and Forest Pest Management

    Professor and Dr. Jian-Xu Zhang  
    Research Interests:chemical signals, chemical communication, chemical ecology, behavior and physiology, animal behavior, and chemical senses emphasizing rodents and their predators

    Group of Insect-Plant Interaction 

     Group of Vector-Arbovirus Interaction


    Professor and Dr. Xiao-ming Zhang

    Professor and Dr. Ai-hua Zheng  

    Professor and Dr. Zhi-shu Xiao   

    ► Integrated pest management under global climatic change

    Group of Population Ecology and Management

    Group of Population Ecology

    Professor and Dr. Zhi-Bin Zhang
    Research Interests: Population Ecology and Management, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function

    Professor and Dr. Feng Ge  
    Research Interests: Ecological Management, Global Ecology

    ► New technology and method of integrated management of pest insects and rodents

    Group of Molecular Toxicology 

    Group of Insect Pathophysiology

    Group of Insect Toxicology and Biotechnology

    Professor and Dr. Yi-Jun Wu
    Research Interests: Biochemical Mechanisms of Neurotoxicity and Monitoring of the Neurotoxic Effects of Selected Environmental Chemicals Using Molecular and Cellular Systems

    Professor and Dr. Qi-Lian Qin  
    Research Interests: Developing techniques for large-scare production of insect baculoviruses as bioinsecticides, including HaNPV, SeNPV, SpltNPV and PxGV

    Professor and Dr. Xinghui Qiu  
    Research Interests: Insect Toxicology, Insect Biotechnology, Cytochrome P450

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