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Dr. Le Kang, as an internationally recognized scientist in ecological genomics of insects, is a distinguished professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also president of Beijing Institutes of Life Science, CAS, president of Hebei University, as well as the dean of Department of Life Sciences of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He successfully resolves the ecological questions of insect adaptation to environmental variation with the model of the migratory locust, a worldwide notorious pest species, by integrating multiple approaches from molecular biology, physiology to genomics. He makes an outstanding accomplishment in disclosing the molecular regulatory mechanisms and epigenetic modulation of locust phase changes, which are very typically phenotypical plasticity in insects. He has authored about 200 research papers in international peer-review journals, such as Science, Nature Communications, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (USA), and Annual Review of Entomology etc.. His papers were cited over 4800 times and several flagship papers were recommended for reading by F1000. He is ranked the most cited scientists in agriculture and biology by Elsevier (Scopus 2014-2017). The University of Nebraska conferred him upon Honored Doctor Degree of Science in 2009. Dr. Kang was elected to be member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011, member of the Developing World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in 2012, and academician of International Eurasian of Sciences (IEAS). He received several important awards including the prestigious Life Science & Biotechnology Prize, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (Hongkong) in 2011, the International Distinguished Scientist Award of the Entomological Society of USA in 2013, and Tan’s Achievement Award for Life Sciences and fellow of Entomological Society of America in 2015. In 2017, he is awarded with the National Prize (Second class) of Natural Sciences and Scientific Achievement Prize of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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